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Glenmore Park Dental Surgery is a family practice devoted to prevention.


At Glenmore Park Dental Surgery we are proud to be a practice devoted to preventative dental care.

 We provide a high quality service in our friendly and comfortable practice.

As a family practice, we emphasise on prevention as well as dental care tailored to suit your needs.

We offer a complete range of dental services - It is our firm belief that quality dental care means ensuring the patient is confident and relaxed, so we will always take the time to discuss your treatment and answer any concerns.

Within our conveniently located premises you'll find our dedicated team of dental professionals and support staff, all of whom are here to make sure you receive the care and attention you deserve. 


About Us


Routine Exams

A regular dental check-up is a cornerstone of maintaining good oral health, it enables us to monitor your teeth for signs of decay, wear, cracks and other problems as well as monitoring the health of your gums and other tissue that supports your teeth for signs of disease. It is important that this is done regularly and not just when pain or problems present.

Dental Hygiene


Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adulthood.

It’s often a silent disease that can also cause bad breath and loose teeth.

More recently it’s been linked to health problems such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and bacterial pneumonia.

Thankfully, this process of gum and jaw bone loss is preventable and our Dentists are here to show you how.

Dental Fillings


Learn more about how we restore your teeth after 

decay or a  broken tooth with the latest generation in composite resins which closely match the 

colour and appearance of your natural teeth. we are an amalgam free practice, SO NO NEED TO FEAR MERCURY!

Children's Dentistry

To make sure that your child maintains a strong and healthier set of teeth, it is not enough to practice proper oral care at home like brushing and flossing. Although important, these daily routines must be supported by periodic professional checks and cleans at the dental clinic.

Emergency Dentistry


If you are experiencing intense pain or discomfort in your mouth, contact us and we will endeavour to make an appointment with our dentist as soon as possible. In most instances we are able to see emergency patients within 24 hours.

Teeth Whitening


Tooth whitening is becoming increasingly popular for both men and women. In short if you want to improve the shade of your teeth whitening is often a great option.  Book an appointment with us today or mention it to us at your next appointment.

Our Services

Services & Schemes

 Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Child Dental Benefits Scheme is a scheme run by Medicare. This scheme entitles children ages 2-17 years to $1000 worth of dental treatment over 2 years.

To get this scheme you need to get either Tax benefits A or B.

Here at Glenmore Park Dental Surgery we Bulk Bill this to Medicare so there is no paying and claiming back.


Vet Affairs patients are very welcome at our dental surgery.

We see a great number of vets and are always wanting to take on new patients.

Seniors & Pensioners


We care for our elderly patients by giving them discounts when the come for treamtent.

Please don't forget to mention the discount when you are here so we can make sure that is applied to your bill.



If you are a member of CBHS we are preferred providers for this health fund. This means when you come for your general check up's, cleans, x-rays and fluoride it is all paid for by CBHS with no out of pocket expense. For all other treatments there is a gap*



Fast claims on the spot !

Swipe your healthfund card and just pay the gap. No need to waste time going to your healthfund to claim back we do it on the spot everytime. All healthfunds accepted.

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Our Address

2 Sir John Jamison Circuit

Glenmore Park, NSW 2745

TEL: (02) 4733 4242

Opening Hours

Monday Wednesday Friday

 08:30AM – 5.30PM

Tuesday 9.00am - 4.00pm

Every 2nd Thursday Evening until 8.00pm

Saturday    08:00AM – 12:00PM


Contact Us
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